“Carol is great.....so great that no one even knows that I am wearing a weave.

 I had my first weave a month before I met Carol. It was a disaster. I immediately went online looking for someone to fix my weave! I stumbled on Carol's website. Even from the website, I could tell she was a tenured professional--all of her weaves looked so natural. Additionally I could tell Petal was a good stylist, which is sometimes hard to find in a weave artist. I called and scheduled a preliminary appointment, and have been working with Carol ever since. Carol has done a great job with my hair. She really cares about the health of my hair under the weave. My natural hair is now thick and healthy. Also, the quality of the hair Carol provides, is awesome....it is even reusable. After she installed the weave I got so many compliments, I decided to submit my photo to a talent company..I actually got booked!! She is definitely not the cheapest in town, but her prices are comparable, and the quality and the service she provides is well worth it!! I am in the process of booking my second modeling gig now!!!!”

- Melissa B.

“It's been a year and a half now since I've been going to Petal's Hair Salon. Carol, the stylist is awesome. She really takes care of my own hair under the weave and she is very patient regarding my request. My weave looks very natural and my boyfriend loves it. I have been wearing a weave for years now and he stated that it has never looked so natural. Carol has always insisted that I get conditioning treatments for my own hair so that it will continue to be healthy and grow. I highly recommend Petal's hair salon for weaves and it is the best place I've found in years.”

- Carol Clark

Take a moment to review our testimonials. We are committed to providing you with a luxurious hairstyle and friendly, professional service. Our main priority is ensuring that you feel pampered and beautiful from the moment you walk through the door.

"Carol is an excellent, passionate professional. There are 2 things that I think distinguish Carol from others: (1) She cares about the health and maintenance of your natural hair. She understands what is needed to make your natural hair grow in the most healthy way and does not recommend treatments that will lead to eventual damage. Many hairdressers seem to only care about selling you products or trends that may not be suitable for all grades of hair. (2) Carol personally does my hair, not an assistant - this is the primary reason I sought her out. These services cost too much in time & money to trust a more novice assistant with fewer years of experience. Carol listens, lends her considerable professional opinion and personally executes whatever is decided. I have received many compliments on my hair since Carol began styling me over a year ago. The only reason I have not given 5 stars is because she is expensive and that might matter a lot to some reading this review."

- Anita Cian

“Carol is exceptional at making weave look very natural. And, I can smile comfortably after she braids my hair.

I started coming to her more than a year ago because I was experiencing scleroderma-associated hair loss. The quality of the hair is amazing. The one time I had a problem with tangling, she replaced the weft without charge. We've established a nice partnership and we are now actively working toward strengthening my natural hair. I'm usually the only person at the salon during my appointment and generally don't have to ever wait for more than a few minutes. Carol is not cheap - nor is she fast, but having tried a couple of other salons, this is the only place I'll go.”

- Patrina C.

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