Are you experiencing thinninghair or baldness due to chemical damage, medical side effects or other reasons? 0r have you wondered what you would look like with longer and fuller hair, or just simply wanted to change or enhance your appearance? 




If you cannot grow it, petal will weave it and no one will know it

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At Petal's we specialize in non-surgical hair replacement and various types of hair weaves techniques. Net Weave , Sewn Weave, sew-in Weave, flat interlocking weave, lace wigs and much more. 


We use the most advanced hair weaving techniques available to give you the latest trendy setting styles designed specifically for you. When a skilled technician does hair weaving, it will not fall out. 

At Petal's we provide a variety of services to a diverse clientele in a friendly, private and comfortable atmosphere. Browse Petal's Photo gallery; See her work. In addition, note that all models in the Photo are her clients. The Gallery will show the use of various types of weave techniques, lace wigs, cuts and more.

A natural looking weave starts with the quality of the hair. For over 25 years, I’ve only used the finest quality Brazilian and Indian hair to do my client’s weaves. We also sell top quality lace wigs made from Vietnam Hair, Brazilian Hair and Russian Hair. All of our models and clients in our photos use only the finest quality hair. If you want your weave to look its best, you must use hair that looks and feels like your own. Use only 100% Virgin Remy hair that does not contain any animal hair or synthetic in it. Ladies! Be aware! Not all Remy hair is good hair.

Bowie Maryland, Upper Marlboro,

We can and will provide you with the most natural virgin hair and lace wigs. All hair, with proper maintenance, will last six months or more. Are you tired of your hair looking like it is a weave? Would you like your weave to look more natural? After leaving Petal’s salon you will look and feel excited about your new look. All services are done in private.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That is why it is so important for you to always look your best! When you look good - you feel good


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You can experience the incredible comfort and self-confidence that comes with having a beautiful head of hair. Hair weaving is a process of combining 100% human hair with the client’s natural hair to give the illusion of longer, thicker, fuller hair instantly.


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